Free SSL Hosting

Our free hosting is to help you save money. When you choose to make use of our free hosting offer, you can relax knowing your website is hosted for free and with no adverts popping up that can annoy your website visitors.

Free Web Design

Our free web design is based on a list of WordPress templates which you can choose from. Once you’ve chosen your template we will set up your website accordingly. Then you just have to supply the alternative video, pictures and text so we can have your website up and running

Upgrade for CPanel Access

Still want our free help in setting up your website but you would rather upgrade to have full CPanel access? Why not? Just register your domain name with us and then when you request our Free Setup choose the option of Paid Hosting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Registering your domain name is straight forward but it might be overwhelming if you have not done it before. If you want step by step help while you register your first domain name, just click here to send us a message.

You can buy your hosting there but to make use of our free web design and hosting option, I suggest you only register the domain name. If you want to buy the R89 per month hosting upgrade to make use of our free website design and set up while getting access to your website, I also suggest to only register your domain name there.

That is 100% true. You can register at any other domain registrar but I am sure you will not get a free secure hosting option or the same level of free help with setting up your website as offered here.

If you registered your domain name through our main page you get to choose from our list of free themes. If you opted for the hosting upgrade we offer, we will definitely help you.

SEO is a specialized¬† service with on-site and off-site marketing efforts. With our free hosting you are limited with the pages we give you. If you upgrade your hosting through us, it will enable you to post unlimited more content on your website to help with the on-site SEO. For off-site marketing you can set up xtra sites targeting keywords or phrases that people might search for online. Obviously this would cost you $30 per keyword / site that you then link back into a page on your main website. This makes for cleaner links with better click through rates and related content linking to your site. This also offers a safer landing domain that you can delete afterwards if you want to test out someone else’s SEO – rather take a risk in letting a SEO effort hurt an outer site than your main site. If you want we can also offer specific SEO services but for that you will need to click here to send us a message.¬†


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