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I want to set up a website and I understand I need to register a .co.za domain name and get web hosting so I can set up an email address that is my-name@my-site.co.za and I also want to get someone to design me a website. What do I do?

OPTION 1: Registering a .co.za Domain Name and Hepsia Hosting:
There are a bunch of places where you can register and run your co.za website, but if you go to website-email.com, you can register your domain name and hosting there. You can add SSL during the registration process or log into your domain registrar account and buy SSL for your website. In the mean time you might want to opt for the cheaper .co.za domain name and hosting option and leave the added SSL option for later. By doing your registration here, you get to play around with a free website builder which is loading very fast. The hosting is Hepsia based and you are fully in control of editing your website yourself and setting up as much as 100 email addresses with the Starter Hosting or as many as 500 email addresses with the Business Hosting Package. It is not difficult to learn how to do it yourself but you can also get help with setting up your website. Click here to read more about this option.

OPTION 2: Registering a .co.za Domain Name with SSL and Hepsia Hosting:
If you decided to have your website include SSL, you can register your .co.za domain name at website-email.com and add SSL at the same time as you pay for your yearly registration or you can log into your domain registrar account and buy SSL for your .co.za domain afterwards. Nothing more to do as the rest are automatically done for you.
COST PROJECTION = ABOUT $102 per year.

OPTION 3: Registering Only A .co.za Domain Name With Free Limited South African Based Hosting With Free SSL:
If you are a small business just starting out and you are looking to set up a website but you would prefer to pay less than the yearly cost associated with option 1, I would suggest a more simple approach. You only register your .co.za domain name at Website-Email.com, and get your website SSL hosted for free. This is limited hosting in that it does not allow for email addresses such as your-name@your-site.co.za, which should not be a problem if you are already making use of a free email account, and to optimize security it also does not give you access to edit your website. You will not have a professional business email address but your site will be set up with a free Astra WordPress theme of your choice and you save a whole lot by not having to pay for hosting. You can always choose to upgrade this option by moving it out to your own hosting (See Option 4). This upgrade may cost anywhere between zero and R500.
COST PROJECTION = ABOUT $30 per year. Click To Learn How To Use This Option.

OPTION 4: Registering Your .co.za Domain Name With South African Based Hosting With Free SSL:
Should have followed option 3 by registering your .co.za domain name at Website-Email.com you would have received free website setup based on a free Astra template. Not only that your website will be loaded with a limited amount of text, video and pictures of your choice (as long as you own the media or can provide a link to where you bought it) but you can set up as many email accounts as your hosting package allows for. Should you rather wish to have access and be able to edit your website when it suites you rather than having to wait, it might just make sense to get your website moved out. Moving a website could cost as much as a R1000 but could also be as cheap as free. You can request a quote to have your website moved. Having moved your website you can then edit you website yourself and you can register as many email addresses that your website hosting package allows for. The minimum hosting package starts out with a maximum of 25 email accounts.
COST PROJECTION = ABOUT $30 per year for your .co.za registration + R89 per month

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