Have Email Just Want A Web Presence / Profile Page / Business Listing / Simple Business Site

You have a small business and you don’t want a huge website. You have an email address and you basically need a website just to show a few pictures of your business, the contact details for some of the people in your business and maybe offer a contact form where people can easily connect with your business.

When registering your .co.za domain name here, do not pay for SSL or hosting. I will host your listing for free on a SSL site.

Advantages of a .co.za Business Listing

  • Cheap SSL hosted business listing – in fact when you register your .co.za domain name here, do not buy the SSL upgrade since I will setup your listing at zadomane.name with SSL included for free
  • Choose from list of templates – Your listing is built on the Astra Theme for WordPress which comes with a bunch of starter websites
  • SEO benefits of having keyword related .co.za domain linked to your main website

Disadvantages of a .co.za Business Listing

  • The free hosting is only available for .co.za domains registered at Website-Email.com
  • For security purposes you will not have login access to the site
  • Uploads of any content needs to be managed – at first it is free but you may have to pay a small fee if you want something changed after your site has been established
  • The listing is done on a basic design to maintain a light load on the server
  • You cannot have email addresses ending in your  domain name – for that you might want your main website to be fully hosted instead – but that will come to a cost of $104 per year vs the $30 per year you pay for your .co.za domain name to get a simple business profile website.