Have Email Just Want A Simple Business Site

You have a small business and you don’t want a huge website. You have an email address and you basically need a website just to show a few pictures of your business, the contact details for some of the people in your business and maybe offer a contact form where people can easily connect with your business.

This will be highly beneficial even if you already have a website. If you registered keywords or terms that highlight products or benefits or services your business would like to rank for, you can add targetted inbound links to your website. Instead of linking articles or videos to pages on your main website (for example: your-site.co.za/product) you can link them to something like what-the-person-googled-for.co.za

When registering your .co.za domain name here, do not pay for SSL or hosting. I will host your listing for free on a SSL site.

Advantages of a .co.za Business Listing

  • Cheap SSL hosted business listing – in fact when you register your .co.za domain name here, do not buy the SSL upgrade since I will setup your listing at zadomane.name with SSL included for free
  • Choose from list of templates – Your listing is built on the Astra Theme for WordPress which comes with a bunch of starter websites
  • SEO benefits of having keyword related .co.za domain linked to your main website

Disadvantages of a .co.za Business Listing

  • The free hosting is only available for .co.za domains registered at Website-Email.com
  • For security purposes you will not have login access to the site
  • Uploads of any content needs to be managed – at first it is free but you may have to pay a small fee if you want something changed after your site has been established
  • The listing is done on a basic design to maintain a light load on the server
  • You cannot have email addresses ending in your  domain name – for that you might want your main website to be fully hosted instead – but that will come to a cost of $102 per year vs the $30 per year you pay for your .co.za domain name to get a simple business profile website.

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